Report available notification

This notification will be delivered to your report notification URL and not your payment notification URL

  • The User-Agent will be Volt/2.0
  • An X-Volt-Type header of report_available
  • The type of report will be contained in the reportType parameter (in this case, it will be settlement)
  • A URL for downloading the report will be provided in the location field

Notification content


POST /report_notification_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Volt/2.0
X-Volt-Timed: 20200131123456
X-Volt-Signed: eda5e46baa6a676851975365e12b4ae61ee48442c0cbb8d0e3c3cfd47c3e1085
X-Volt-Type: report_available

Body content

  "reportType": "settlement",
  "generated": "2019-12-02T11:59:19+08:00",
  "location": "https://{report_location_url}",
  "details" : {
    "batchId": "75809566-3fbe-4f14-bd8d-e6cd49ecedb7",
    "amount": 1234567, 

Field details

  • reportType will be settlement in this case
  • generated is a timestamp for the report itself
  • location is where you can download the report, the link will expire one week after the generated time
  • details contains details specific to this report type, in this case a settlement report
    • customerId is your unique Volt customer ID. For PSP customers this will contain the unique ID for your merchant.
    • accountId is the ID of the bank account the payment was sent to
    • batchId is the unique ID for the batch of payments this settlement relates to
    • amount is the settlement amount sent, as always in minor currency units (pence, cents etc)
    • currency is the currency the payment was sent in
    • paymentReference will be the reference that appears on your bank statement

Report availability

The report location is valid for one week from the date the report was generated, after which the report will be inaccessible. You will always be able to retrieve the settlement data via the Volt API.