Welcome to Volt!

By uniting real-time open payments systems to one harmonised standard, we give businesses the power to offer customers everywhere the same frictionless payments experience.

Beautifully simple

By being obsessive in the detail, we’ve created elegant, intuitive experiences for customers who crave convenience.

Lightning fast

With intelligent bank searches and mobile-optimised UI, our checkout is as much about speed as simplicity.

Let's get onboarded

Before you start your technical integration with Volt, you’ll need to set up an account with us.  The first step is to fill out an application form and provide some documents to our compliance team.  If you’re in a high-risk vertical then we’ll need a bit more information from you, so let’s get started.  

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Once your account has been created, you can proceed with your integration – for which we have a number of options – either direct with us, through your existing technical or payments service provider or via an e-commerce plugin for your online store.

Integration options

Direct integration

If you have your own technical team you can integrate directly using Volt’s API to initiate payments, manage refunds and payouts.  We have API documentation and a Postman collection for testing your code against our sandbox and production environments.

Find out more about direct integration

Integration via a TSP partner

You can add Volt to your existing integration with your Technical Service Provider.

Find out more about integrating via TSP

Integration via a PSP partner

You should be able to simply add Volt as your account-to-account payment option with your existing Payment Service Provider.

Find out more about integrating via PSP

NEW!  Integration via e-commerce plugin 

If your website uses one of the major e-commerce platforms, you might be able to integrate Volt using one of our available plugins. You can find the list of supported platforms in our integration guide.

Find out more about our plugins