Convert card payments to bank payments

When a shopper chooses to pay by bank-issued debit or credit card at the checkout, Transformer intelligently recognises who they bank with, based on their debit or bank-issued credit card’s first six to eight digits (BIN).

A prompt then facilitates the switch to a real-time account-to-account payment, which is more cost-effective for you and faster, easier and safer for your customers.

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How Transformer works

It’s a simple two-step process to convert a potential card payment into an account-to-account bank payment…

Request a BIN lookup using Transformer

POST /transformer-match

We simply need you to send the BIN, which is the first six or eight digits of a card.   We’ll try and match this to our database of known bank-issued cards and return you the bank, if applicable.  Some cards are not issued by banks, so you may not get a successful response every time.

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Then initiate the payment with Volt

POST /payments

If your Transformer lookup is successful, you can proceed to initiate a payment in the usual way.

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