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You can find the Volt plugin in the Shopify app store. It enables the most seamless integration of instant bank transfers in your online store. After completing a few easy steps, Volt checkout is ready to use.

Step 1: Get access credentials to the Volt merchant portal (Fuzebox)

In order to start using Volt payments, you first need to get a set of access credentials. These consist of your Volt customer credentials and application credentials. You will be able to generate them via the Volt merchant portal (Fuzebox). Volt team will enable your access to the portal by creating an account for you.

Generate the API username and password (NOT your username and password for Fuzebox)

  1. Login to Fuzebox.
  2. Generate customer credentials.
  3. Store your username safely AND copy-paste it into Merchant Username field.
  4. Store your password safely AND copy-paste it into Merchant Password field.

Generate the client id and secret.

  1. In Fuzebox register an application to receive your client id and secret. NOTE that the Payment return URLs are ineffective and you can set them to your main page or any other general URL.
  2. Store your client id safely AND copy-paste it into Client ID field.
  3. Store your client secret safely AND copy-paste it into Client Secret field.

Please note that you should copy all credentials from Fuzebox immediately and securely store them. The customer password will be encrypted once you close the window. 

Step 2: Install the Open Banking Solution App 
  1. Use the following link to access Volt: Pay by Bank app in the Shopify app store. 

2. After that click on the “Add app” button and follow the prompts to install the app and grant all the necessary permissions. 

Step 3: Authorisation in the Shopify admin portal
  1. Log into your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the settings section and enter the earlier-generated credentials into the fields outlined in the screenshot below. This will enable payments for the sandbox (you will need to do the same for production). Merchant Username and Merchant Password are the Username and Password from Fuzebox> Customer> Credentials tab; Production Client Id and Production Client Secret are the Client ID and Client Secret from Fuzebox> Applications tab; the Webhooks Secret is the Notification Secret in Fuzebox>Applications> Payment Notifications tab. 
Step 4: Notification setup
  1. While you are in the Settings section of the Shopify admin panel, copy the Notification web hook URL (see the screenshot above).
  2. Go back to Fuzebox and access the Notifications section.
  3. Configure the settings as explained in the guide using the copied URL. 
Step 5: Enable 
  1. Go back to your Shopify settings.
  2. Choose “Manage” under Shopify Payments (if you don’t see a Manage button, it’s because you haven’t enabled Shopify Payments on your storefront yet).
  3. To access Test Mode, click the button. Mark the box labeled “Test Mode“. For more details about testing Volt please refer here

4. Press the “Save” button. 

5. Go to the Checkout section of Settings in the Shopify portal and make sure that the “Require first and last name” toggle in the “Customer information” section is on. Without the first and last name of the shopper, the payments will fail. 

To check if Volt payments option is active in your store, go to the payments section of your shop admin settings. You can review your store’s active payment methods there.