Payment status flow

This diagram shows the flow of a payment through the various statuses of its lifecycle.  

Exceptions to the flow

We have experienced situations where banks have returned statuses outside of the normal flows described above. To avoid queries, we suggest you handle these specific exceptions in your processes.

Abandoned payments are actually received

You’ll only see this transition if you’re using a Connect cash management account.  It occurs when the payer was redirected to their bank and approved the payment but, for some reason, their session was interrupted and they didn’t return back to the merchant.  Because the payment was approved, the funds were actually sent and subsequently received into your cash management account.

In this case, the status will change from ABANDONED_BY_USER to RECEIVED

Completed initiation was then cancelled

This will occur where the payer has completed the approval process at their bank and has returned to the merchant.  They then have a change of mind and cancel the payment with their bank, before the funds have left their account.  This will usually only happen with payments that aren’t initiated as instant.

Here, the status will change from COMPLETED to CANCELLED_BY_USER

We're here to help

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