API Authentication

To access the Volt API you have to first authenticate with 4 credentials.

You need 4 credentials to authenticate

  • username
  • password
  • client_id
  • client_secret

After a successful authentication you receive an access_token, a refresh_token and expires_in indicating the validity of the access_token in seconds. The tokens allow you to communicate against with the Volt API.

Your username and password are available for a customer account in Fuzebox. See how to generate customer credentials.

Go to Fuzebox > Configuration > Customers

Your client_id and client_secret are available for each application you have created/access to in Fuzebox. See how to generate application credentials

Go to Fuzebox > Configuration > Applications

Note for PSPs

You should use your own client ID and secret, with the specific credentials (API username and password) of the individual merchant data you wish to access.

Generate an access token

See request and response as described in our API docs for authentication.

Using your access token

An access_token is valid for the number of seconds indicated by the expires_in value in the response. You also received a refresh_token in the authentication response, which will be valid for 24 hours, and which allows you to obtain a new access_token.

To access the other endpoints in our API, you need to send the access_token in an HTTP header called “Authorization” in the format “Bearer {access_token}”. Note that Authorization must be spelled the American way and there’s a single space between Bearer and your access token.

Authorization: Bearer eyJ...In0