Bank response codes

In addition to our own transfer status, we also store the ISO 20022 transaction code, if one was returned by the payer’s bank.  You will find the ISO code displayed in the Transaction details section of Fuzebox.  

Note that not all banks return ISO codes in the details they send to Volt.  In addition, some banks may stop reporting these codes at an intermediate status, while processing of the payment has continued.

List of ISO 20022 codes

Code Name Meaning
ACCC Accepted, Settlement Completed This status is only applicable for instant payments. Settlement on the creditor’s account has been completed.
ACCP Accepted, Customer Profile Preceding check of technical validation was successful. The customer profile check was also successful.
ACSC Accepted, Settlement Completed

Settlement on the debtor’s account has been completed.  ACSC is also applicable when:

  • A recurring payment has passed the end date.
  • A recurring payment has been withdrawn.
ACSP Accepted, Settlement In Process All preceding checks such as technical validation and customer profile were successful.  The payment initiation was successfully signed. The payment initiation has been accepted for execution but before settling on the debtor’s account.
ACTC Accepted, Technical Validation Authentication and syntactical and semantical validation (technical validation) are successful.
ACWC Accepted With Change Instruction is accepted but a change will be made, such as the date or remittance not sent.
ACWP Accepted Without Posting Payment instruction included in the credit transfer is accepted without being posted to the creditor customer’s account.
RCVD Received Payment initiation has been received by the receiving agent. Technical validation has started.
PDNG Pending Payment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation is pending and in progress for signing. Further checks (and status updates) will be performed.
RJCT Rejected Payment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation has been rejected.
CANC Cancelled Payment initiation has been cancelled before execution. This status is only applicable for future-dated payments that have been successfully cancelled.
ACFC Accepted, Funds Checked Preceding check of technical validation and customer profile was successful and an automatic funds check was positive.
PATC Partially Accepted, Technical The payment initiation needs multiple authentications, where some but not yet all have been performed. Syntactical and semantical validations are successful.