Integration of Volt Hosted Checkout

There are 3 essential steps for the hosted payment process. That is

  1. Requesting a payment
  2. Redirecting the shopper
  3. The shopper returns to one of the payment urls

Requesting a payment

Note that you have to authenticate first before you can request a payment. API Authentication.

The details of the request header and body are described in our API docs.

The shopper.reference is used by our systems to identify returning shoppers. It should follow an identifier you already use, e.g. a user id. In case you use sensitive data we suggesting hashing it before sharing it with Volt.

Identifier returning shoppers is especially useful for Circuit Breaker as it allows you to configure rules and limitations for specific shoppers to prevent abnormal or unwanted behaviour.

Additional callback redirect parameters

You can define a string of parameters in callback. Volt attaches this string to the payment return URLs. For example

"callback": "order_id=662384a0&sample=parameter"

Do not use the parameters volt, volt-signature and the volt-timestamp as Volt already uses them.

See more about the redirect return process

POST /v2/payments
  "currencyCode": "GBP",
  "amount": 100,
  "type": "OTHER",
  "uniqueReference": "test54321",
  "callback": "order_id=662384a0&sample=parameter",
  "shopper": {
    "reference": "u59kt9yh",
    "email": "",
    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "ip": ""
Request in API docs Try yourself with our Postman Collection.
Response – EU and UK
HTTP 201
  "id": "93b85f3c-76eb-4316-b1ae-f3370ddc59bc",
  "checkoutUrl": ""
Response – BR (Brazil)
HTTP 201
    "id": "340e4522-11b1-4a15-ac3c-73c7cbd91c51",
    "checkoutUrl": "",
    "qrString": "000...26E"

Redirecting the shopper

A successful payment request returns an id alongside the checkoutUrl. This id is a unique identifier for this payment once it is created. We recommend storing it in your system for any future reference.

You should redirect the shopper immediately to the checkoutUrl. This allows the shopper to complete the payment fast and complete the purchase.


If the payment is a Pix payment, in BRL, the response will also contain a parameter called qrString. For further information on instant payments in Brazil, see our guide to PIX payments.

The shopper returns to one of the payment urls

From hereon the shopper continues back in your experience. See returning the shopper to you.