What is Volt?

Volt is a provider of real-time account-to-account payments. We unite domestic real-time payment systems to a single standard and point of access, enabling merchants to access a world of lightning-fast, bank-direct payments.

What we do is powered by open banking. As a licensed third-party provider, shoppers grant us access to their bank account to make a payment on their behalf.

Our ‘Pay by Bank’ solution is listed as a payment method on merchant checkouts, alongside cards and wallets. For shoppers, it’s faster, easier and more secure. They don’t need to sign up to Volt, manually input any data, or worry about their personal data being stored.

Volt is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 925340.

Introduction to our checkout

Our checkout enables shoppers to pay merchants directly from their online banking environment.

Users who select ‘Pay by Bank’ are securely redirected to their banking app (or online banking on desktop, if they prefer) to complete their payment. We’ve standardised this experience for shoppers around the world.

Rigorously tested to optimise conversion, and designed for speed, simplicity and security, our checkout is recognised as a best-in-class solution in the open banking space.

The following guidelines will explain how to implement our checkout’s design, in line with the Volt brand and best-practice UX principles.