Default country​

The list of available countries is configured by Volt. In case you like to change the available countries contact

The default country is determined in the following order:

  1. The country code as set when initialising the drop-in component
  2. The country code taken from the stored cookies
  3. The country code derived from the client IP address

If a country can still not be determined, the shopper will be asked to select a one the first time they use the checkout. The shopper can be change the country during checkout.

Additionally you can change the country with a country switcher located on your website. Changes made using a country switcher outside the iFrame will impact the content of the iframe.

Set the initial country

You can set the initial country when initialising the payment container.

paymentContainer = volt.payment({
    payment,  // Payment response from the server, containing id and token.
    language: "en", // optional - ISO 639-1
    country: "PL", // optional - ISO 3166 // Setting the country here
Change the country

Once set, you can change the country via the payment container object.


Preferred language​

If you’d like our iFrame content to be displayed in one of our supported languages, add the two-letter country code to the parameter language. A list of the languages that we currently support can be found here.

If you don’t pass the language through, or you pass through an invalid option:

  1. Language value taken from user’s cookies
  2. iFrame content will be displayed in English

A customer can change the iFrame content’s language outside the iFrame using a language switcher located on a merchant’s website, if available.