About Volt Connect

Track open banking payments from initiation to receipt with complete visibility of the payment value chain. Connect, our real-time orchestration engine, collects and reconciles funds, handles exceptions, and processes payouts and refunds.

Confirmation of receipt

Using our network of banking partners, we’ll issue you a dedicated Connect account and route all incoming payments there.  You don’t need to monitor that account for incoming payments, we’ll take care of it for you.  We know what payments you’re expecting and we’ll use our notification platform to let you know the moment those funds arrive.  We’ll also let you know if expected payments don’t arrive.

When a payment is received into your Connect account, we’ll automatically reconcile the payment received against the payment instructed and send an instant payment received notification to you.  This enables you to ship goods or release services, safe in the knowledge that the payment is already in your account.

Batched settlements

Volt allows you to configure a frequency (for example daily at 00:00 CET) or a balance threshold for the settlement process to trigger. The settlement will total all payment that you have received since the last settlement without refunds and payouts and send a single transfer to your configured settlement bank accounts. This is done for each currency, meaning for each currency you will receive a single transfer.

Alternatively, you can trigger a settlement at any time from Fuzebox.


If you’re handling refunds, we’ll pay these out from your Connect account.  We’ll then deduct the total refunded amount from any batched settlement total we send you.

It’s simple to setup

Once you’ve integrated Volt Gateway, integration of Connect consists of one additional configuration in Fuzebox