Request a payment

This step initiates the Volt payment process. We will validate the details of the payment and, if successful, return you an ID to track the payment through the Volt journey.

This step requires the Transformer code that was sent in the successful response for the Request BIN lookup endpoint. This code indicates which bank should initiate the transaction.

Details of the Transformer match you would like to initiate:

See the payment’s request body section here: Request payment – Request body | Volt Developer Hub 

Additionally, please provide:

transformerCode Should include the exact same value as was previously provided in the response for [POST]/transformer-match


201 Created 
If your request was successful, the response from this endpoint will contain a 201 Created status and the body will contain the ID of your payment. You will need the ID in the next step that includes redirecting to Volt Checkout (please see here: Redirecting to Volt | Volt Developer Hub). 

400 Code already used / code missing
The Transformer Code passed in the request has been already used for making the payment, or is missing.

See the additional possible error responses here: Request payment – Response | Volt Developer Hub 

Example request payload:

POST /payments
   "currencyCode": "EUR",
   "amount": "100",
   "type": "BILL",
   "uniqueReference": "uniquereference",
   "transformerCode": "XYZ",
   "payer": {
       "reference": "payerreference"
Example success response (HTTP 201)
   "id": "uuid"
Example bad request response (HTTP 400)
    "exception": {
        "code": 400,
        "message": "Validation exception",
        "errorList": [
                "property": "transformerCode",
                "message": "Transformer code does not exist."