Integrating directly with Volt

Before you start your technical integration with Volt, you’ll need to set up an account with us.  The first step is to fill out an application form and provide some documents to our compliance team.

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Once your account has been created, there are a couple more things to do before you can start integrating. 

Access to Fuzebox

The first thing we’ll do, once your account is created, is invite you to login to our customer portal, Fuzebox.  Once you receive your invite, follow the link to create your password and you’ll be ready to continue.

Generate your credentials

Once you’ve logged into Fuzebox, you’ll be able to  generate the access credentials you’ll need for your integration.  There are two sets of credentials you’ll need.

Customer credentials

The username and password that identify your organisation and provide access to your data, allow you to request payments to be made to you, instruct refunds and payouts to your customers and access reports . 

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Application credentials

To access our API you’ll need to tell us about the application you’re building.  As part of this, you’ll need to generate a pair of credentials called Client ID and Client Secret which you’ll need to provide when your application authenticates, and which will allow it to access the rest of the API.

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Get ready to receive notifications

During the payment, refund and payout processes, we’ll send you a notification each time certain status changes occur. You’ll need to setup an endpoint to receive these notifications and provide us with the URL.  Notifications are digitally signed with a secret that you’ll generate in Fuzebox and use to verify that the message you receive is from Volt.

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Start product integration

After you’ve completed the setup steps above, head over to our implementation guides area and follow the instructions to integrate our range of products.  If you’re using Volt for payment initiation, the first product you’ll need to integrate is Gateway.  This is our core API and is the same integration regardless of the country you’re in.  Each country might have some additional data to supply, based on the local requirements.

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