Refunds for Connect

You can issue a refund for any payment received on your Volt Connect account, for up to one year from the original payment date.

The refund will always be sent from your Volt Connect account to the sender and bank account that the payment originated from.

If you are using our settlement sweep functionality please be aware that any refunded amounts will be deducted from the next settlement total.  The settlement report will contain all the refunds that were included in calculating the total.

Important note

Not all of the available Volt Connect banking partners support sending refunds. If your business will require refund functionality, we’ll help you choose the right banking provider during the onboarding process.

Refund processing

Refunds can be created, subject to funds, for payments that have a status of RECEIVED or SETTLED.

You can refund either the full payment amount or a partial amount. You can also request multiple partial refunds for a single payment, until the full payment amount has been refunded.

For a refund to be successful you need to have sufficient balance in your Volt Connect account.  If you do not have enough funds when requesting a refund, most of our banking providers will not immediately reject that refund but instead wait for up to a few days for additional credits to hit the account. In that scenario your refund will be in the REFUND_PROCESSING status until it’s either confirmed or fails.

You can request a refund via our API or via Fuzebox.