Note that payment processing is determined by the payment system used. A payment can take couple of seconds up to couple of days to be fully processed. We listed out more details on the expected processing of the different payment systems.

Payments received

One of the major benefits of using Volt Connect is that you know when funds are in your account, allowing you to safely release goods or services.

Each time a payment is received into your Connect account, we’ll reconcile it against expected payments.  If successful, we’ll update the payment’s status to RECEIVED and send you a payment_received notification to the same payment notifications endpoint used with Gateway.

Sometimes, you may receive the COMPLETED notification after the payment_received notification due to the processing speed of some banks.

Payment received notification

The format of this notification is different to a Volt Gateway notification, it contains different information and a different header structure.  The signature calculation is identical, so you should process and acknowledge Connect notifications using the same method as Gateway notifications. 

Notification delivery
  • Volt will send you one notification per payment
  • The notification will be delivered to your payment notifications URL
Notification header
  • The User-Agent for Connect notifications will be Volt/2.0
  • X-Volt-Type, defines the content to expect (payment_received in this case)
  • This header structure will be used for other Connect notifications
POST /payment_notification_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Volt/2.0
X-Volt-Timed: 20200131123456
X-Volt-Signed: eda5e46baa6a676851975365e12b4ae61ee48442c0cbb8d0e3c3cfd47c3e1085
X-Volt-Type: payment_received
Notification body
  "merchantInternalReference": "Order for a trip to Greece 20-27.08.2023",
    "location": "GB",
    "name":"Mr Richard Richardson",
Notification body fields

Sender content is location specific and only contains details if provided to Volt from the payer’s bank.  UK payments may contain information such as sortCode and accountNumberfields, while SEPA and some international payments will contain iban.  International payments may also contain a swiftBic.  

Name Description
paymentId Volt’s internal ID for the payment, as returned in your initial payment request
timestamp When the notification was generated
currency Currency of the payment
amount Amount of the payment, shown in minor units of currency (pence, cents)
status Payment status
reference The reference you specified for the payment
merchantInternalReference An optional longer reference for the payment
location A two-letter ISO code representing the sender’s country (if known)
name Sender’s name
accountNumber Domestic account number
sortCode UK sort code
iban International Bank Account Number (for international or SEPA payments)
swiftBic Swift BIC, a standard addressing element for banks
bsb AU bank-state-branch identifier of bank account (for PayTo payments)
payID AU PayID identifier (for PayTo payments)


Additional Information

Sender fields will only be available to you if we can ensure compliance with data protection laws.