Payment Processing Times

Volt initiates payments as instant whenever possible

Volt instructs payments as instant whenever possible. However, ultimately the banks might not support instant payments or choose to use a different payment scheme than requested. As a result, not all payments Volt initiates are instant.

Payment schemes vary in processing times. The table below shows the expected time for a payment to be authorised and settled in the beneficiary’s bank account. For non-instant schemes, the indicated days refer to working days (Instant: No). In other words, if you initiate a payment on Thursday and it takes 2 days, you can expect it to arrive on Monday.

The ‘maximum’ represents the cutoff time at which Volt considers a payment as failed if it hasn’t been received.

Payment scheme Location Currency Instant Expected Maximum
Faster Payments Scheme (FPS) 🇬🇧 UK GBP Yes Same day 1 day
CHAPS 🇬🇧 UK GBP No Same day 3 days
BACS 🇬🇧 UK GBP No 3 days 5 days
SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) SEPA EUR No Next day 8 days
SEPA Instant (SCT Inst) SEPA EUR Yes Within seconds 1 day
SWIFT Worldwide any No 1 – 3 days 8 days
ELIXIR 🇵🇱 Poland PLN No 1 – 2 days 2 days
NICS 🇳🇴 Norway NOK No 1 day 1 day
Pix 🇧🇷 Brazil BRL Yes Within seconds Same day
PayTo 🇦🇺 Australia AUD Yes Within seconds Same day
RIX 🇸🇪 Sweden SEK No 1 day 1 day