Payouts via Fuzebox

Payouts can be triggered via Fuzebox in a few simple steps. 

Requesting payouts and the ability to approve/reject will only be available for users with the relevant permissions set.

To request a payout, go to the Payments > payout screen and click on the “New Payout” button.


Complete the payout request form, including details of Payout title, amount and currency. You must then select a payout beneficiary. You can search for these via IBAN or account name. The screenshot shows an example of searching via IBAN.

As a reminder, Volt’s payout solution is a closed loop system, meaning you can only payout to a beneficiary that has paid into your Volt account within the last 12 months.

Once all of the details have been completed, the payout can be created.


The payout moves into a status of “CREATED” and requires approval.


Once approved the payout will be processed and the beneficiary will soon receive their funds.