Payout status codes

The following payout-specific status codes will be visible in Fuzebox and when you call GET /payouts and GET /payouts/{id} in the API.

  • Sandbox
  • Production

Status definitions

Status Description
PAYOUT_CREATED The initial status of a payout request, it’s currently awaiting an approval decision in Fuzebox.
PAYOUT_APPROVED_AUTOMATICALLY The payout request was submitted using the API, therefore has been approved automatically.
PAYOUT_APPROVED_BY_USER The payout request has been approved by a user in Fuzebox.
PAYOUT_REJECTED_BY_USER The payout request has been rejected by a user in Fuzebox.
PAYOUT_PROCESSING The payout request has been sent to our banking provider. If you don’t currently have money on the account to fund this payout it might take up to a few days for the next status transition.
PAYOUT_INITIATED The payout request has been successfully initiated at the banking provider.
PAYOUT_FAILED The payout has failed. More information will be available in the error message of the payout notification. The most common reason is that you didn’t have enough money to fund the payout.
PAYOUT_CONFIRMED The payout has been confirmed as sent by the provider.
PAYOUT_REJECTED_BY_PROVIDER The payout was rejected by the banking provider that services your Connect account.  Please contact support for more information as to why this might have happened.

Retrying failed payouts

You can retry a payout that failed with the status PAYOUT_FAILED. The most common reason for the failure of a payout is that there are insufficient funds in the account.  We suggest that you adopt a simple exponential backoff strategy for retries, where you increase the time between every retry attempt, and limit the amount of retries.  For example if you decided to retry a failed payment 3 times, you could :

  • Make your first retry attempt 5 minutes after the initial failure
  • If that still fails, try again after another 10 minutes
  • And make your final attempt 20 minutes after that

If you are still experiencing payout failures and need us to investigate why, please reach out to us at