Settlement CSV report

You can access the report from the location detailed in the report_available notification. All reports are stored securely in Amazon S3 storage and are available for one week from the generated date in the notification.

Report format

The file contains a header row plus one or more data rows containing the following information per row:-

  • batchId – Volt settlement identifier (UUID)
  • paymentId – Volt payment identifier (UUID)
  • customerId – Volt customer identifier (UUID)
  • uniqueReference – payment reference
  • creationTime – timestamp when payment was initiated
  • confirmationTime – timestamp when payment was confirmed by the provider
  • transactionCurrency – payment currency
  • transactionGrossCredit – payment credit amount in payment currency (incoming)
  • transactionGrossDebit – payment debit amount in payment currency (outgoing, e.g. refund/payout)
  • settlementCurrency – settlement currency
  • settlementGrossCredit – payment credit amount in the settlement currency
  • settlementGrossDebit – payment debit amount in the settlement currency
  • commission – fee (applicable for net settlements, otherwise 0)
  • exchangeRate – exchange rate for a given payment (1 if payment currency = settlement currency)
  • paymentMethod – payment scheme, e.g. SEPA, PIX, FPS
  • refundId – Volt refund identifier (UUID), blank if the record is not a refund (not available in LATAM reports)
  • operationStatus – indication whether the operations failed or succeeded, only for refunds and payouts. Note that this will only be visible when a refund or payout is in progress when a settlement happens, and fails after the settlement. If it is initiated and fails in one settlement, such refund/payout will not be included in the report (not available in LATAM reports).
  • payoutId – Volt payout identifier (UUID) (not available in LATAM reports).
  • merchantInternalReference – reference used by some merchants for internal reconciliation, set by the merchant on payment initiation (not available in LATAM reports).