Settlement CSV report

You can access the report from the location detailed in the report_available notification. All reports are stored securely in Amazon S3 storage and are available for one week from the generated date in the notification.

Report format

The file contains a header row plus one or more data rows containing the following information per row:-

  • batchIdUUID – The ID Volt assigned to the settlement batch
  • paymentIdUUID – The unique ID Volt assigned to the payment
  • customerIdUUID – Your unique Volt customer ID. For PSP customers this will contain the unique IDs for your merchants.
  • uniqueReferenceString (18) – The reference you provided for the payment
  • paymentTimeTimestamp – When the payment was created on VOLT
  • settlementTimeTimestamp – When the payment was received into your virtual IBAN
  • amountInteger – Payment amount (in the currency’s minor unit e.g. cents, pence etc)
  • currencyISO 4217 – Payment currency