Note that payment processing is determined by the payment system used. A payment can take couple of seconds up to couple of days to be fully processed. We listed out more details on the expected processing of the different payment systems.


If the payment is not received within the maximum timeframe above, we’ll change the payment status to NOT_RECEIVED and send the following notification to your notifications endpoint.

Notification header

POST /payment_notification_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Volt/2.0
X-Volt-Timed: 20200131123456
X-Volt-Signed: eda5e46baa6a676851975365e12b4ae61ee48442c0cbb8d0e3c3cfd47c3e1085
X-Volt-Type: payment_not_received

Notification body

  "merchantInternalReference": "Order for a trip to Greece 20-27.08.2023",

Notification fields

  • payment is Volt’s internal ID for the payment, as returned in your initial payment request
  • reference is the reference you specified for the payment
  • merchantInternalReference is an optional longer reference for the payment 
  • amount is the amount of the payment, as always in minor units of currency (pence, cents) rather than pounds, euros or dollars
  • status is the status of the payment
  • currency is the currency of the payment
  • timestamp is when the notification was generated

Testing on sandbox

Test what happens when a payment is not received into a Connect account, without having to wait, by using our sandbox environment.

Simply request a payment for any currency that you have a Connect account setup, with an amount of exactly 2050 and process it via one of our mock banks.

Example payment request
  "currencyCode": "GBP",
  "amount": 2050,
  "type": "OTHER",
  "uniqueReference": "test54321",
  "merchantInternalReference": "Order for a trip to Greece 20-27.08.2023",
  "payer": {
    "reference": "u59kt9yh",
    "email": "",
    "name": "John Smith",
    "ip": ""
Expected result

You should receive a NOT_RECEIVED notification as detailed above and the payment should be visible in Fuzebox.