Refund status codes

The following refund-specific status codes will be visible in Fuzebox and when you call GET /payments/{id} in the API.

  • Sandbox
  • Production
Status Description
REFUND_CREATED The initial status of a refund.
REFUND_APPROVED The refund approval process on your end (to be added in a later version) has completed successfully and Volt can now try to send out the funds.
Refunds created using the API or created by Financial Admins will be automatically moved to this status.
REFUND_REJECTED The refund request has been rejected by the approval workflow setup in your company (to be added in a later version).
REFUND_PROCESSING The refund request has been sent to our banking provider. If you don’t currently have money on the account to fund this refund it might take up to a few days for the next status transition.
REFUND_CONFIRMED The refund has been sent from your Volt Connect account to the original shopper account.
REFUND_FAILED The refund has failed. More information will be available in the error message of the refund notification. The most common reason is that you didn’t have enough money to fund the refund.