Banking partners

Because our banking partners have their own KYC processes and regulatory requirements, you may need to be separately onboarded with them to enable specific jurisdictions or currency requirements.

Your account manager will assist you with this process and let you know if we require any additional documentation from you.

Volt Connect currently provides cash management services for the UK and Europe. As further currencies and jurisdictions become available, you will be automatically notified in Fuzebox.

Fuzebox configuration

Before you continue

To add the additional functionality of Volt Connect, you should already have core Gateway integrated and tested.

For Connect, the only thing you’ll need to configure in Fuzebox is a report notification URL.  This is where we’ll notify you of confirmed settlements, and can be set to the same URL as payment notifications if you prefer. Connect report notifications work in the same way as the payment notifications you’ll get from Gateway.

Once you receive a notification that your settlement report is available, you’ll be able to download it in CSV format, or retrieve the same data using the Volt API. 

Once Connect has been enabled by your account manager, click on the Cash management settings button at the top of your customer details screen.

Notification settings

Scroll down to the Report notifications section.  If you’ve not yet configured report notifications, it will say “Not configured”.   

Click on the Configure notifications button.

Add the secure URL that you’d like report notifications sent to, plus the email address of someone we can inform if we find any problems when we’re sending you notifications.    

Other settings

Also on this page, you can see the currencies you’ve enabled for Connect – and which additional ones are available.  If you’d like to enable Connect for any of these additional currencies, please contact your account manager or send an email to