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Tracking payments received

Each time a payment is received to your Volt Connect account and is successfully reconciled, we will update your payment to a status of RECEIVED. We will also store any sender details we have against the payment itself.

Payment received notification#

We will then send you a notification to your payment notification endpoint with a status of RECEIVED. Please note that the format of this notification is different to a Volt Gateway notification.

Once you receive the notification, you can take whatever action is required, releasing goods or services as appropriate.


COMPLETED notifications may, in some cases, arrive after the RECEIVED notifications.”

Notification details#

  • Volt will send you one notification per payment
  • This notification will be delivered to your payment notification URL
  • The User-Agent will be Volt/2.0 for Volt Connect notifications and will also contain an X-Volt-Type header of payment_received so that you easily identify the message format to process.

Notification header#

POST /payment_notification_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Volt/2.0
X-Volt-Timed: 20200131123456
X-Volt-Signed: eda5e46baa6a676851975365e12b4ae61ee48442c0cbb8d0e3c3cfd47c3e1085
X-Volt-Type: payment_received

Notification content#

"location": "GB",
"name":"Mr John and Mrs Jane Smith"

Sender fields will only be available to you if we can ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Notification fields#

  • paymentId is Volt's internal ID for the payment, as returned in your initial payment request
  • timestamp is when the notification was generated
  • currency is the currency of the payment
  • amount is the amount of the payment, as always in minor units of currency (pence, cents) rather than pounds, euros or dollars.
  • status is the payment status
  • reference is the reference you specified for the payment
  • sender contains the sender's bank details - as supplied to Volt
    • location is the 2-letter ISO code for the sender's country (if known)
    • accountNumber is the domestic account number
    • sortCode is the UK sort code
    • iban is the international bank account number (for international or SEPA payments)
    • swiftBic is the SWIFT BIC for the sender's bank
    • name is the sender's name

The sender key may contain different fields depending on the sender’s location. For example, senders in the UK may contain sortCode and accountNumber, while SEPA payments will contain iban. International payments may also contain a swiftBic field.


When integrating with us on the sandbox environment, You can setup a given Volt Connect account to have each payment made to it result in status RECEIVED and the corresponding notification being sent