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Payments not received

Processing payments#

If a payment was confirmed on the bank we will wait a number of days for it to arrive at the Volt Connect account based on the payment scheme.

Payment SchemaProcessing days
Faster Payments Scheme1
SEPA Credit Transfer (within country)8
SEPA Credit Transfer (within SEPA Zone)8
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (within country)1
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (within SEPA Zone)1

If we don't receive it in that time we will change the payment status to NOT_RECEIVED and send the following notification.

Notification content#


Notification fields#

  • payment is Volt's internal ID for the payment, as returned in your initial payment request
  • reference is the reference you specified for the payment
  • amount is the amount of the payment, as always in minor units of currency (pence, cents) rather than pounds, euros or dollars.
  • status is the status of the payment
  • currency is the currency of the payment
  • timestamp is when the notification was generated

Sandbox setup#


When integrating with us on the sandbox environment you can setup a given Volt Connect account to have a payment made to it result in status NOT_RECEIVED if the amount for this payment is exactly 2050 in minor currency units (eurocents, pennies etc).