Hosted and embedded checkouts

There are two integration options – hosted checkout or embedded checkout. In the hosted checkout flow, the user is redirected to a separate checkout page. In the embedded one, the checkout appears directly on a merchant’s page. Depending on which flow you integrate, there are different endpoints to use when initiating a payment.

About our checkouts

Embedded checkout is our pre-built UI solution which allows your customers to pay directly from their bank account on your website. Due to fewer redirects, you can increase your conversion and reduce abandonment rates.

Hosted checkout is a solution in which your customer chooses Volt on your checkout before being redirected to our separate checkout page to choose their bank and input all necessary data (such as IBAN, account number etc.) After clicking pay they’re redirected to their bank account to authorise the payment, before coming back to your website.

Key features of both flows

  • Clean and adaptable UI
  • User-friendly, conversion-optimised bank search
  • Handles additional bank requirements (IBAN, account number etc.)
  • Express checkout: opt-in-based simplified flow for returning payers. More information can be found here
  • Easy setup

We are here to help!​

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