Default country​

If a bank is preselected by the merchant, that bank’s country will be used as default. If just one country is available for the merchant, then this country will be used. If there are more countries available, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Country value taken from user’s cookies
  2. Country value taken from a country passed by the merchant during drop-in component initialisation. The list of supported countries and a relevant two-letter country code can be found here
  3. Country value taken from a user’s IP address
  4. Country combobox displayed to force user to pick up a country

A customer can change a country both inside the iFrame, using our country combobox, and outside the iFrame using a country switcher located on your website, if available. Changes made using a country switcher outside the iFrame will impact the content of the iFrame.

Preferred language​

If you’d like our iFrame content to be displayed in one of our supported languages, add the two-letter country code to the parameter language. A list of the languages that we currently support can be found here.

If you don’t pass the language through, or you pass through an invalid option:

  1. Language value taken from user’s cookies
  2. iFrame content will be displayed in English

A customer can change the iFrame content’s language outside the iFrame using a language switcher located on a merchant’s website, if available.

If there’s a language you’d like our checkout to support, please let us know at