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Get a list of supported banks

Are you using Volt's hosted checkout?#

If you're using the Volt hosted checkout, you can skip straight to request a payment.

Get the bank list from the API#

To get a list of banks that we currently support for payment initiation, send a GET request to the /banks endpoint of the Volt API. Make sure you've authenticated, and that you're including the Authorization header containing the access_token.

Request location#

At the moment, you should start with the sandbox environment. You'll find a list of all banks we support during your development phase. You won't be able to make real payments on sandbox but you can test the end-to-end process.


Response format#

As with all the Volt API endpoints, the response will be provided in Json format and will contain an id that you'll need when initiating a payment from that bank.

"id": "662384a0-9734-4556-a8bd-3f1e774e2a3c",
"name": "Barclays Bank",
"country": {
"id": "GB",
"name": "United Kingdom"
"logo": "",
"icon": ""

For your first payment#

You should start by using one of the test banks on the Volt sandbox API. Remember, you can't make real payments through the sandbox environment.