Reconciling credits

In order to reconcile incoming credits using the Virtual Account you will be using the same notification as for the Volt Accounts solution, which is described in our documentation under:

The content of this notification will be as follows :-

Notification including virtual account details
  "eventId": "02399d85-80b4-4945-8001-a75f0877432d",
  "notificationType": "credit_received",
  "timestamp": "2024-04-08T08:00:00+00:00",
  "transactionDetails": {
    "id": "f267bfe2-a17c-41b0-895d-e2f28ff12664",
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "errors": [],
    "debtorDetails": {
      "debtorAccount": {
        "accountNumber": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        "financialInstitution": "REVOLT21XXX",
        "country": "LT"
      "debtorName": "Adam Smith",
      "debtorAddress": null,
      "viban": null
    "debitAmount": {
      "amount": "1000",
      "currency": "EUR"
    "date": "2024-04-08T08:00:00+00:00",
    "remittanceInfo": {
      "line1": "TEST",
      "line2": null,
      "line3": null,
      "line4": null
    "externalId": "72de0d43-7b15-4b57-b1cb-88b8c72d70fe",
    "creditorDetails": {
      "creditorAccount": {
        "accountNumber": null,
        "financialInstitution": null,
        "country": null
      "creditorName": null,
      "creditorAddress": null,
      "viban": "DE40202208000050999999",
      "account": {
        "iban": "DE40202208000050888888"
    "creditAmount": {
      "amount": "1000",
      "currency": "EUR"
    "payerTransactionReference": null,
    "accountId": "7cdfabb8-34c9-465d-9093-1c822b9ff125",
    "externalTransactionReference": null,
    "identificationSetId": "ad07609f-a3fc-4354-b85e-546e52331524"
Key fields
  • identificationSetId – the ID of the identification set the credit was received for. Recommended to use this for reconciliation.
  • creditorDetails -> viban – will contain the actual vIBAN that the credit has been sent to. This means that it can be either of the vIBANS contained in a set.
  • creditorDetails -> account -> iban – will contain the (default) IBAN of the Volt Account under which the credit has been reconciled

The ID of the Volt Account will not be contained in this notification. It’s up to you to correctly link it when fetching and activating a Virtual Account for it in the previous step.

Additional bank details

We can also, on request, provide additional details for the bank that the credit was received from.  This can be useful if you’re doing additional AML checks when you receive funds.  Please contact your account or implementation manager for further details, or email us at

The bankDetails section appears within the transactionDetails section. 

Additional bankDetails section
  "transactionDetails": {
    "bankDetails": {
      "bankName": "REVOLUT BANK UAB",
      "branchName": "",
      "branchAddress": {
        "streetAddress1": "KONSTITUCIJOS AVE. 21B",
        "streetAddress2": "",
        "streetAddress3": "",
        "streetAddress4": "",
        "city": "VILNIUS",
        "zipCode": "08104",
        "country": "LITHUANIA"
      "bic11": "REVOLT21XXX",
      "bic8": "REVOLT21"