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Why are payments not completing?

In NEW status#

Once you have created a payment using the Volt API, it will have a status of NEW. The payment will remain in this status until they have selected a bank and confirmed they want to continue with the process.

If a payment remains in the status of NEW for a while, it means that your customer has not selected a bank and continued to pay via their bank account. There may be a few reasons for this :-

  • The customer's bank is not supported yet so they could not proceed with the payment
  • The customer decided to pay using a different payment method


Once the customer has selected a bank and confirmed they want to continue, the status will change to BANK_REDIRECT.

This means they have been redirected to their bank to make a payment. Again, if it stays in this state for longer than a few minutes, it means the process halted there and - again - there could be a few reasons for this...

  • The customer has selected their bank, but decided to close the bank's website or mobile app without "officially" cancelling the payment
  • The customer has encountered an error during the redirect to the bank
  • The customer had difficulty logging into their bank so abandoned the process
  • The customer closed their browser before authorising the payment