Checkout options

We offer three integration options: a Volt-hosted checkout, an embedded checkout, or your own checkout.

Volt-hosted checkout

Using our checkout page is the easiest way to integrate Volt, and is our recommended method because the list of supported banks is always updated with no action required from you.

To use it, all that’s required is a simple redirect from your site to our checkout page. Your customer can select their bank and continue with their payment.

You can also customise the page with your own branding, giving your customers a seamless experience (note that Volt’s logo must be retained). To do this, first log in to Fuzebox at and look for Configuration on the left-hand menu. From there, select Customer, choose your customer, and click Checkout branding in the top right corner.

Next, you need to select Edit checkout branding and then Configure custom branding. Here, you can change the customer name, tagline, colours and logo. Click Save and your branding is complete. Please note the logo requirements are as follows:

  • Max size: 3MB
  • Min height: 200px
  • Desktop: square, aspect ratio 1:1 e.g. 200×200, 300×300
  • Mobile: preferably rectangle, up to 7:2 ratio e.g. 700×200, 500×200 is fine, but 900×200 is too wide

Using your own checkout

If you’d prefer to use your own checkout page, you can choose one of our supported banks and build your own country and bank selectors into your checkout flow. Then, send us the bank ID with your payment request and we’ll show your customer a simple confirmation page and redirect them to their bank.

To see a list of our supported banks, send a GET response to the /banks endpoint of the Volt API. To do this, you will need to be authenticated and include the Authorization header that contains the access_token. We suggest beginning with the Sandbox environment, which allows you to test the end-to-end process without making a real payment.

As with all of our API’s endpoints, you will receive the response in Json format. It will contain an [id] that you’ll need when initiating the payment from that bank.

    "id": "662384a0-9734-4556-a8bd-3f1e774e2a3c",
    "name": "Barclays Bank",
    "country": {
      "id": "GB",
      "name": "United Kingdom"
    "logo": "",
    "icon": ""

When making your first payment, you can use one of the test banks on the Sandbox API.