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Your checkout choices

We have two different options for integration, depending on how and where you want Volt in your payment flow.

Volt's hosted checkout#

Our great-looking checkout page is the easiest way to integrate Volt and is the method we'd recommend. It's a simple redirect to our checkout page, where your customer can select their bank and continue with their payment.

It's data-driven and completely managed by us, meaning that the list of supported banks is always up-to-date and your customer always has a great user experience.

volt_checkout image


For certain banks the Volt checkout page will be the point where desktop to mobile handoff will also be possible, enabling your customer to complete their payment using the biometric security that their mobile device provides.

Bank selection on your site#

You can retrieve data on supported banks via the Volt API and build your own country and bank selectors into your checkout flow.

Then, pass the ID of the bank to us with your payment request and we'll do the rest.

volt_summary image

How do I choose?#

It's very simple, when you request a payment you either pass the pre-selected bank or you don't.

  • If you pass us the bank ID, we'll show your user a simple confirmation page to show them the bank we're about to redirect them to.
  • If not, we'll know you want to use the Volt hosted checkout and ask them to select their country and bank.