Technical integration

The only difference to the core Volt Gateway integration is that the document ID (CPFs, Brazilian tax IDs unique to each person) and Payer Name must be included in the payment request under the payer object.

The integration is as simple as follows:

  • Complete our core integration by getting started here
  • Add the payer->name and payer->document_id (CPF) fields
  • Enjoy receiving Pix transactions from all Brazilian banks

Embedded flow

If you want to render the Pix QR code on your website, please make sure you use the /v2/payments endpoint. Further information can be found here.

When sending requests to /v2/payments, you will receive at the response a new field called qrString.

qrString is the text from ‘Pix copia e cola’. It’s also the string needed to generate a QR code – just use the qrString as the param from your qrCode generator library and show it on your website.

Also show the qrString as the string for Pix copia e cola, so mobile users can copy and paste it in their banking app to pay.

Testing different responses

We support testing a successful received transaction in the Sandbox environment and also a transaction that will never be paid.

To test the two different flows, just use the amount as the trigger. If the amount ends in 00 (e.g. BRL10.00), we will automatically simulate the payment of this transaction.

Any other ending will not simulate the payment, and you will not be able to see the complete checkout when redirected to the checkout page.

Example request:

      "name":"John Smith",
    "id": "340e4522-11b1-4a15-ac3c-73c7cbd91c51",
    "checkoutUrl": "",
    "qrString": " GAMES_INFO6009Itaperuna62240520mpqrinter153831049366304CB2F52042313530398654040.105802BR5920VOLT PAGAMENTOS LTDA6009SAO PAULO62390501050300017BR.GOV.BCB.BRCODE01051.0.06304326E"