In Brazil, Volt offers two main forms of settlement – domestic and international. These differ slightly in how they are setup and structured.

Note that this is correct at time of writing (Q2 2024), but please speak to your integration contact if you have any questions as we will look to improve the settlement process in the future.  

Domestic Settlements

For domestic settlements we settle daily to each merchant. This is done with a D+1 process and will be sent to the PIX key provided by the merchant as part of the Volt onboarding.

D+1 means that we process once a day, for all transactions for the previous day.

The process is triggered shortly after closing time for the previous day (midnight). The process should in most cases be done by the time merchants come online the next day; so when they log-on at 8am on Wednesday they should have a settlement into their PIX account for the Tuesdays transactions.

International Settlements

International settlements are slightly different, where currently there is a once a week settlement.

We start the process with our local FX partner on Tuesday and it takes D+1 for them to process and pay it out. Merchants will usually get their money on Wednesday (usually because it can be impacted by local holidays on both ends – Brazil as well as the country of receipt for the funds).

There are FX fees involved for this international settlement. Please speak to your Volt sales representative for more information on this. 

Volt will handle IOF payments locally at the time of processing to prevent the need for merchants to handle this themselves. Volt will then include it on the invoice for Volt fees at a later date. For more information on IOF please refer to our page here.