Enabling Volt via your Partner

Volt is integrated with a number of technical and payment service providers. You can find the full list here. As the technical integration between your partner and Volt already exists, you will only need to enable Volt products via your provider. This requires a few easy initial setup steps in the Volt environment and the rest will follow on your partner’s website. Please review the detailed guide on how to complete the full implementation in the documentation shared by your partner. 

If you are enabling Volt via a technical service provider for the payment product, the partner will not be able to handle or view your transactions. You will be managing your money flows yourself.  If you are enabling Volt via a payment service provider, the partner will be managing the incoming transactions for you. 

Setup steps with Volt

For the part with Volt’s, the steps are similar to the standard direct technical integration. Before you begin, please make sure that the compliance onboarding is completed. You can find more information about this process here. After that simply follow the steps: 

Step 1: Merchant portal (Fuzebox) account access

Your account will be created by Volt. After receiving an invitation email, you will be able to log into our merchant portal, called Fuzebox: https://fuzebox.volt.io/login. You can find a detailed description of this step here

Step 2: Access credentials generation

After you have access to Fuzebox, you will be able to generate a set of your access credentials yourself. They consist of two pairs: 

  1. Customer credentials: Username and Password
  2. Application credentials: ClientID and Client Secret 

First, follow the guide and generate the customer credentials, as explained in there. 

Step 3: Application registration and application credentials generation 

In order to use any of Volt’s products via the API, you need to have access to an application in our merchant portal. Depending on your TSP/ PSP, you might be able to either create your own application or use the one created by your partner. Please refer to the guideline of your partner. 

If you are required to create your own application in Volt’s merchant portal, please follow a detailed description of how to do this here. During this step, you will generate your application credentials and also provide callback URLs. Depending on your TSP/ PSP, you might need to provide your own URLs or use the ones already created by your provider. Please refer to the guide of your provider. 

Please note ...

that even in the case when a set of callback URLs will be passed on new every time a payment request is created, the application URLs need to be configured in Fuzebox. If an additional URL is later passed in the payment request, they will override the one specified during the application creation. You can find more information on how to set this up in our implementation guide here and our OpenAPI Docs here.

Step 4: Notifications setup

As your partner will be receiving the notifications for you, all you need to do here is to paste the correct URL where they will be received. You should be able to find it in the guide provided by your partner. Here you can read how to set this up in Fuzebox. 

And you are done with setting up Volt.