About Volt and open banking

Volt is an open banking and technology company. Our API enables you to plug into the world’s next generation payments systems – from Faster Payments in the UK and SEPA in the EEA to Pix in Brazil. 

This single integration allows you to accept real-time account-to-account payments (also known as open banking payments) from your global customers via a standardised checkout experience.

Beyond our API, we’ve launched a range of products (inclusive of our market-leading checkout) that operationalise account-to-account payments to their full potential:

Your Volt portal, where you manage integrations, monitor transactions and access reporting.

Our cash management suite collects and reconciles funds, handles exceptions and processes payouts and refunds.

Circuit Breaker
Open banking’s first dedicated fraud prevention tool allows you to set rules to identify and block suspicious transactions.

Confirm a customer’s full name and account number via secure access to their bank account.

Incentivise customers to switch from a card payment to an account-to-account payment at the checkout.

Our technology is powered by open banking, a practice (or, in the EEA and the UK, a regulatory framework) that enables bank account holders to securely share their financial data with regulated Third Party Providers (TPPs) such as Volt via APIs.

TPPs provide Payment Initiation and/or Account Information Services (PIS and AIS).

PIS: Granting a regulated TPP permission to initiate an account-to-account payment from a customer to a merchant.

AIS: Granting a regulated TPP permission to retrieve information from a customer’s bank account. Verify, mentioned above, is our AIS product.

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