Redirecting to Volt & the customer journey (incl. returning the customer to you)

Based on the checkoutUrl that we’ll return to you in the successful response for [POST] /verifications, you can redirect your customer to the Volt checkout.

There, your customer will be able to select or search for their bank from our current list. They will also be informed of which details we will fetch about their bank account and confirm that they consent to this. 

Once your customer has confirmed their choice, they’ll be taken to their bank’s authentication page to grant us the consent. This will require authentication via their normal bank security procedure. Once logged in, the customer will review the account information consent. Specific requirements can vary from bank to bank.

When consent is granted, your customer will return to our checkout while we fetch the details from the bank.

Once completed, we’ll redirect your customer back to your website or mobile app, using the appropriate return URL. Simultaneously, we’ll send the notification to your previously configured URL.