Provide payment information

Once you’ve clicked on the Generate Pay by Link button, you’ll be prompted for the information required to configure a payment.

Unique Reference The transaction ID you will use to identify the payment in the system. Create a reference of up to 18 characters using letters and numbers only
Amount The payment amount
Currency The payment currency – select a currency for which you have an active bank account configured
Expiry Date The payment expiration date can be adjusted to your requirements. The link will no longer be valid after the expiration date. The maximum expiration date is 30 days. 
Payer Reference Provide a payer reference such as Name and Surname to easily identify your shoppers

If you’re prompted to select a Customer, choose a Pay by Link enabled customer to be associated with the payment.  If your user account is not associated with multiple customers, you won’t see this option.

Select an application

An application is required so that we can send the shopper to the correctly configured and branded checkout page, and so we return them to the correct page on your website based on the configured redirect URLs once the payment is complete.

Find out about return redirect URLs

We also use the configured application so that we know where to send notifications about the payment.

Find out more about notifications.