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Testing your notification setup

It's important that your system can handle Volt test notifications at all times. Test notifications act as a trigger to start sending live notifications, or to restart notifications if they've been stopped after we've failed to deliver them to you.

Sending test notifications#

You can request a test notification to ensure your webhook works - you can do this from the Applications section of Fuzebox.

  • We'll send a test notification to your configured notification URL
  • All you need to do when you receive the notification is respond with either a 200 OK or 400 Bad Request response code, as appropriate.
  • Once we receive a 200 response for you, then we'll start to send you live payment notifications

Important note#

Your system should always be able to respond to a test notification and respond with a 200 (OK) status code.

Remember, in the test notification we'll send an empty JSON object in the body, so your check string should start with a pipe symbol.