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Notification content

Notification content#

The body of the notification contains a Json formatted data structure containing 4 fields; payment (our ID), reference (your id), amount (of the payment) and status (COMPLETED, FAILED, PENDING)

"payment": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"reference": "Invoice-12345",
"amount": 1000,
"status": "COMPLETED"


At the moment, not every bank supply Volt with any personally identifiable information about your customer.

What the statuses mean#

The COMPLETED status#

A status of COMPLETED means that the payment has been instructed and accepted by your customer's bank. The payment request and instruction process is therefore completed.

It's important to note that this does not guarantee receipt of funds for you. Sometimes banks do cancel payments after the instruction has been accepted, for regulatory or technical reasons outside of Volt's control. You should always confirm receipt of funds with your receiving bank before releasing goods or services.

The PENDING status#

If the status returned in the notification is PENDING, it means that the payment has not yet been confirmed by the customer's bank. This may be for a number of reasons and you should not count on receiving the funds until the status changes to COMPLETED.

  • As an example, the customer's bank may have encountered a delay in processing payments or the account used might require a second person to approve payments.
  • If Volt is made aware that the payment status has changed, we'll send another notification to you with the final status. The payment status could therefore change to COMPLETED or FAILED.
  • You may also poll us for status changes periodically using the GET /payments/{id} endpoint.

The FAILED status#

The status of FAILED means that the payment request could not be completed for technical reasons in the banking network, was cancelled by your customer, or has been rejected by your customer's bank. This could be for one of many reasons, for example your customer may not have enough funds in their account, they may have simply cancelled the payment process at any point after instruction, or the bank may have had technical or regulatory issues which meant that they had to terminate the payment process.

Notification content configuration#

Volt can provide You with additional details in payment notifications. The full list of supported fields is available below. Please contact your Volt representative to add or remove any of them from your configuration.

List of available fields:#

FieldJson pathDescription Volt id for the bank ISO alpha-2 code of the country where the payment originated official group name of the bank where the payment originated branch name of the bank branch where the payment originated (where applicable) bic8 of the bank where the payment originated
sender_ibansender.ibanThe IBAN of the bank account where the payment originated
sender_account_numbersender.accountNumberThe Account Number of the bank account where the payment originated
sender_sort_codesender.sortCodeThe Sort Code of the bank account where the payment originated (UK Payments)
sender_namesender.nameThe Account Holder of the bank account where the payment originated


Depending on the originating bank or payment scheme we won't always be able to gather all of the requested additional information. In this case the requested fields will still appear in the notifications with a value set as null

Example notification content:#

"accountNumber": null,
"sortCode": null,
"name":"Mrs Jane Doe",
"branchName":"Norisbank Berlin",