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About Volt Connect

Manage your cash flow with confidence - from receipt to reconciliation. You're in control of your cash cycle with Connect, Volt's cash management suite, built with high velocity corporate cash cycles in mind.

Using the Volt Connect service, rather than payments being sent directly to one of your own bank accounts, they will be routed via a Volt Connect account, enable us to notify you the second your funds arrive.

Integration is simple if you're already setup with Volt Gateway, requiring only one additional configuration in Fuzebox and the handling of two additional notifications on your side.

As you’ll already be integrated with the Volt API, our notification process will be familiar to you.

Receipt confirmation#

When a payment is received into that Volt Connect account, we’ll automatically reconcile the payment received against the payment instructed and ping an instant "payment received" notification to you, enabling you to ship goods or release services, safe in the knowledge that the payment has arrived.

Batched settlements#


The following functionality is optional. You can choose to manage the Volt Connect account yourself in which case we will not be creating any automated settlements. Please provide the model you wish to operate under to your Volt representative while onboarding (you can choose to change it later).

Periodically, all the payments you received into your Volt Connect account will be totalled and a single credit will be settled to your nominated bank account. You'll receive one settlement payment per currency.

We are here to help!#

If you need any assistance during the integration process for Volt Connect, please email us at

Let us know your thoughts about our product and integration process at

Your thoughts will help us shape our product to help you.