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Volt Developer Hub

Everything you need to know to make payments using Volt

Getting started

What needs to happen before you start integrating with the Volt API?

Grab some API credentials, tell us how to handle your customers and setup some webhooks.

And choose how you'd like to integrate - build your own interface or simply redirect to Volt's beautifully brandable checkout page.

Volt Gateway

Your Open Banking journey continues here!

Volt Gateway is our core API and will enable you to make your first test payment using Volt's Open Banking technology.

It's a simple case of authenticating, creating a payment then redirecting to Volt and let us handle it from there.

Volt Connect

Connect handles your cashflow from receipt to reconciliation. Take control with our cash management suite, built with high velocity corporate cash cycles in mind.

Once you're integrated with Gateway and have made your first test payment, let us tell you when your payments arrive with Connect, our flagship product.

Volt Verify

Verify enables you to securely accessyour customer's bank accounts to confirm their account information, in a faster, cheaper and more accurate way.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker enables you to intelligently block suspicious transactions – and the fraudsters behind them.


Start accepting bank-direct payments from customers in Brazil via the country’s instant payments scheme.