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Setup and configuration

Before you continue with Volt Connect...

This documentation assumes you've already done the Core Volt Gateway integration.


For KYC and regulatory purposes, you may need to be onboarded separately by Volt’s cash management partner for a specific jurisdiction or currency requirement.

Your Volt account manager will be able to assist you with this process and any additional documentation which may be required.

Currently, Volt Connect provides cash management services for the UK and Europe. As further currencies and jurisdictions become available, you will be automatically notified in Fuzebox.

Configuration in Fuzebox#

The only thing you’ll need to configure is your report notification URL. This is where we’ll notify you when settlement has been made and that your settlement report is available to download.

Once you receive this notification, you'll also be able to receive data on received and settled payments using the Volt API.

This can be set to the same URL as payment notifications if required.

Access cash management settings here#

Once we've added Volt Connect Cash Management as a service for you, click on the Cash Management settings button in your customer details screen.

volt_summary image

Cash management settings#

From here you can see the currencies you have enabled for cash management and which additional ones are available. If you'd like to enable Volt Connect for another available currency, please contact your Volt account manager, or send us an email to and we'll pass your request on to the right person.

volt_summary image