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Reporting using the Volt API

Summary of payments received#

To get a summary of funds received for reconciliation purposes, you can call the GET /payments endpoint of the Volt API with a receivedAt parameter containing the date or range of dates you’d like to view.

This will list all the payments received into your Volt Connect account during that period and can be combined with other filters.

Request location#


Request examples#

To view all payments received on or since 31 Jan 2021#
To view all payments received between 25 Jan and 31 Jan 2021#

Response example#

Where the request parameter was: receivedAt=20200602#
"id": "662384a0-9734-4556-a8bd-3f1e774e2a3c",
"currency": {
"id": "GBP",
"name": "Pound Sterling",
"decimal": 2,
"active": true
"bank": {
"id": "662384a0-9734-4556-a8bd-3f1e774e2a3c",
"name": "Barclays Bank",
"country": {
"id": "GB",
"name": "United Kingdom"
"officialName": "Barclays Bank Plc",
"branchName": "Barclays Bank Branch Plc",
"shortBranchName": "Barclays Bank Branch",
"active": true,
"logo": "",
"icon": ""
"amount": 12345,
"type": "OTHER",
"uniqueReference": "sale123456",
"status": "RECEIVED",
"createdAt": "2020-06-02T05:48:53.000Z"

Summary of funds settled#

To get a settlement report, you can call GET /payments against Volt’s API with the batchID parameter containing the batchId you received in your settlement report notification.

This will list all the payments settled in that particular batch.

We will also make a report in CSV format available which will be directly downloadable from a URL in the settlement report notification..