Batching and settling to you

Additional Information

The following functionality is optional. You can choose to manage the Volt Connect account yourself in which case we will not be creating any automated settlements or sending report_available notifications. Please provide the model you wish to operate under to your Volt representative while onboarding (you can choose to change it later).

Settlement payments

We’ll send a single settlement payment for the batched amount to your bank account. You’ll therefore receive one payment per payment currency.

Batch ID

We’ll create an internal ID for the batch we create and generate a unique payment reference for the settlement payment so you can reconcile it when it arrives in your bank account. This information will all be in the notification we send you.

Once the settlement payment has been sent

Once your settlement payment has been confirmed as sent, we will:

  • Change the status of all payments in the corresponding batch to SETTLED
  • Generate a settlement report in CSV format
  • Send you a report_available notification that the report is available to download, and the location to download it from report_available notification that the report is available to download, and the location to download it from.

Report available notification

  • This notification will be delivered to your report notification URL and not your payment notification URL
  • The User-Agent will be Volt/2.0 and will contain an X-Volt-Type header of report_available. We will use the same X-Volt-Type for all future report notifications
  • The type of report will be contained in the reportType parameter (in this case, it will be settlement) and a location to download the report will be provided

Notification headers

POST /report_notification_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Volt/2.0
X-Volt-Timed: 20200131123456
X-Volt-Signed: eda5e46baa6a676851975365e12b4ae61ee48442c0cbb8d0e3c3cfd47c3e1085
X-Volt-Type: report_available

Notification content

  "reportType": "settlement",
  "generated": "2019-12-02T11:59:19+08:00",
  "location": "https://{report_location_url}",
  "details" : {
    "batchId": "75809566-3fbe-4f14-bd8d-e6cd49ecedb7",
    "amount": 1234567, 

Notification fields

  • reportType will be settlement in this case
  • generated is a timestamp for the report itself
  • location is where you can download the report, the link will expire one week after the generated time
  • details contains details specific to this report type, in this case a settlement report
    • customerId is your unique Volt customer ID. For PSP customers this will contain the unique ID for your merchant.
    • accountId is the ID of the bank account the payment was sent to
    • batchId is the unique ID for the batch of payments this settlement relates to
    • amount is the settlement amount sent, as always in minor currency units (pence, cents etc)
    • currency is the currency the payment was sent in
    • paymentReference will be the reference that appears on your bank statement


  • The report location is valid for one week from the date the report was generated, after which the report will be inaccessible. However, you will always be able to retrieve the settlement data via the Volt API.
  • You will receive ONE settlement payment, one report notification and one downloadable settlement batch report PER SETTLEMENT CURRENCY.

Settlement report

How to download the settlement report

You can access the report from the location detailed in the report_available notification. All reports are stored securely in Amazon S3 storage and are available for one week from the generated date in the notification.

The file format will be CSV and will contain a header row plus one or more data rows containing the following information.

  • batchIdUUID – The ID Volt assigned to the settlement batch
  • paymentIdUUID – The unique ID Volt assigned to the payment
  • customerIdUUID – Your unique Volt customer ID. For PSP customers this will contain the unique IDs for your merchants.
  • uniqueReferenceString (18) – The reference you provided for the payment
  • paymentTimeTimestamp – When the payment was created on VOLT
  • settlementTimeTimestamp – When the payment was received into your virtual IBAN
  • amountInteger – Payment amount (in the currency’s minor unit e.g. cents, pence etc)
  • currencyISO 4217 – Payment currency