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Circuit Breaker allows you to create a blocklist that automatically blocks transactions based on your selected criteria. Simply choose your criteria, set a value for each one, and select ‘block’.

Transactions can be blocked by:

  • Payer reference
  • Document ID
  • Email address
  • IBAN
  • Bank
  • Device fingerprint
  • IP address

volt_summary image

Of course, you also have control to unblock whenever you need to:

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Device fingerprint#

By gathering information from the hardware and software of the payer’s device, a ‘fingerprint’, or digital signature, is created. Volt automatically generates this fingerprint when the shopper reaches our checkout, so there’s no action required from you.

Payer’s reference#

This is a unique reference used to identify a payer. It’s generated and sent by the merchant under payer > reference.

Document ID#

Document ID refers to a physical document that provides proof of a person’s identity, such as a tax ID or household bill. It is sent by the merchant under payer > documentId.

Email address#

The payer’s email address, sent by the merchant under payer > email.


The IBAN used by the shopper, selected from a drop-down list.


The bank or bank branch used by the payer.

IP address#

The IP address sent by the merchant under payer > ip.

Circuit Breaker is even more powerful when used alongside Volt Connect.