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About Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker was created to give you the peace of mind that comes from heightened security. It’s the first fraud prevention solution in open banking and it gives merchants the power to block suspicious transactions as well as the fraudsters behind them.

Circuit Breaker is an intelligent system, using rules to automatically identify suspicious activity. Each rule has a score, which is added to a transaction every time a rule is triggered. The final score will determine whether the transaction is blocked or sent to the bank for completion.

It’s a flexible system that allows you to adjust the rules in line with your needs.

Why we created Circuit Breaker#

Open banking is to the finance world what Netflix was to Blockbuster Video. It brought the power and convenience of modern technology to a largely outdated industry. Naturally, this level of change takes some time to adjust to, especially for companies that have legacy systems in place.

Open banking doesn’t create new fraud risks, but there are new opportunities that fraudsters can exploit - such as account takeovers and targeting banks’ own PSD2 implementations for Payment Initiation Services (PIS). The fraud prevention systems currently used by banks were designed for a world in which physical cards are the norm. Applying those systems to open banking is clunky, and although still effective, can result in merchants being blocked in the event of a fraud attack - often without an explanation.

Circuit Breaker is the first system designed exclusively for open banking, and the key difference is it filters transactions before sending them to the bank.

The result is exceptional security and flexible control.

Let’s look at how you can use it and benefit from it.

We are here to help!#

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