Plain badge

When to use

When a text descriptor is present (see ‘Pay by Bank’ in the adjacent images), use only the Volt badge.


Descriptive badge

When to use

When there’s no text descriptor, use the Volt badge inclusive of the ‘Pay by Bank’ tagline.

Educational messaging at POS

For your customers
  • We’ve designed educational messaging for customers curious about, but not yet used to, Volt-powered payments
  • There are two messaging options: a short version and a longer, more explanatory one

Messaging applications
  • The short version gives customers an at-a-glance account of ‘Paying by Bank’ when they’re choosing a payment method
  • The longer version describes the ‘Paying by Bank’ process (while encouraging customers to choose it) in three easy-to-understand steps


Change logo colour

Change background colour

Change border radius

Change logo size


Add shadow

Use outlines

Rotate or flip


Use Volt colours

Use descriptive badge