Migration guide

To migrate from v1 to v2 of our embedded checkout you need to follow the steps: 

  1. Make sure that you are properly authenticated. 
  2. Exchange the API endpoint links for requesting the payment: 
  • OUTDATED Sandbox v1 (deprecated)
  • OUTDATED Production v1 (deprecated)
POST https://api.sandbox.volt.io/dropin-payments
POST https://api.volt.io/dropin-payments
  • Sandbox v2 NEW
  • Production v2 NEW
POST https://api.sandbox.volt.io/dropin
POST https://api.volt.io/dropin

Please note that embedded Checkout payment requests will be treated as real Payments only after the payer gets redirected to bank. Until this point, those payments won’t be visible in Volt Fuzebox.

3. Implement the additional functionality: updating the payment request. For this part, please follow the “Updating Payment Request Details” section of the v2 embedded checkout guide

4. Make sure that you include the new required payer identification fields in the JSON body of the /dropin request listed in point 2: 

firstName Required

The payer’s first name; up to 255 characters. The field is required when lastName is provided.

lastName Required

The payer’s last name; up to 255 characters. The field is required when firstName is provided.

organisation Name Required 

Payer’s organisation name; up to 255 characters. The field is only required when firstName and lastName are empty.