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Going into production

Step 1. Register at least one bank account to receive payments#

To request a payment on the production system, you'll need to have at least one bank account registered. You'll need one registered account per currency you wish to receive. You'll therefore need to tell us the currency your account accepts and the bank account details to send payments to (this will be your account number and sort code for UK accounts, IBAN and SWIFT BIC for European accounts)

  • You can configure your bank accounts online in Fuzebox

Step 2. Setup where you'd like to receive payments from#

You should now setup which countries you would like to receive payments from. You can do this on an per-country basis or per-region (e.g. all of Europe). If you're using the Volt hosted checkout page, this will restrict the countries and banks that are shown for your customer to choose from. For example, it may be a regulatory requirement for your organisation that you can only accept payments from your own country. Or, if your customer lives in another country and wants to send a payment cross-border, they may be charged extra by their bank for this facility. There should be no extra charge for payments in Euros (EUR) sent within the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) zone.

  • Again, you can do this online in Fuzebox

Step 3. Ask us to switch on production mode#

We'll need to enable your Volt system for production use. Let us know when you're ready by emailing us at We'll do a quick check that everything's setup correctly and then switch you on.

Step 4. Test your production integration#

Make sure that everything works!

  • Make some small test payments to your live bank account.
  • If you have multiple accounts or multiple currencies setup, test them all to make sure that the payments are routing in to the accounts you're expecting them to.
  • Test your notifications - make sure they work - both from a test and live payment point of view.

Step 5. Go live!#

When you're happy, put your new checkout live and start receiving payments through Volt's Open Banking gateway.