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What is Pix?#

Pix is an instant payment method from Brazil, created by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Pix has a lot of advantages in relation to debit cards, credit cards, and Boleto (the traditional payment methods in Brasil):

  • Instant - both the notification of payment and the funds’ transfers happen in up to 10 secs (to Volt) - unlike boletos and debit cards that are 24h and credit cards that have settlements in 31 days.
  • Works 24/7 all year, including holidays - boletos are only working business days, 6 AM to 21PM.
  • There is no chargeback, unlike debit and credit cards.
  • Pix is free for shoppers and low-cost for merchants.
  • Mobile friendly - Pix copia e cola (Pix copy and Pay) make it easy to pay for transactions even when the QR code is shown on a mobile phone.
  • Simple integration - no 3DS, no need for multiple calls or flows that might confuse the shopper.
  • All banks supported.

How to integrate Pix?#

Pix uses the same integration used globally at Volt, with the simple addition of a local document called CPF (the equivalent of the social security number for Brazilians). Payer name is also mandatory.

In simple terms, this is what you need to do process Pix:

  1. Follow these steps to integrate with Volt
  2. Add the payer CPF at the “payer→ documentId” field (mandatory)
  3. Add the name to the “payer→name” field (mandatory)

And that is it! With those 3 simple steps, you are ready to go!

We are here to help!#

If you need any assistance, please email us at