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About notifications

You should not trust the fact that a customer has reached your payment success URL, but ensure you wait until you receive a digitally signed notification via this webhook from Volt.

Signed notifications#

If you get a notification from Volt, it’ll be signed using a secret notification key that's unique to your app, so that you can verify that it’s come from Volt. You shouldn’t process any message that appears to originate at Volt without performing this verification step.

  • To sign the notification, we’ll first generate a notification secret and share it with you via Fuzebox.
  • You’ll get a different secret for each application you use to access Volt's API.
  • And it will be different to the client secret you use to identify your client to the API.
  • If you think your notification secret is not so secret any more, no problem, you can generate a new one on Fuzebox.

Types of notifications#

Payment initiation#

For our core Gateway product, we will send a notification to your payment notification URL

  • When a payment initiation is complete
  • If a payment is delayed or
  • If the payment initiation fails for any reason

Payment received#

For the Volt Connect Cash Management product we will send an additional notification to your payment notification URL

  • When the payment is received into your Volt Cconnect account

Report available#

Also only in Volt Connect at the moment, we send a notification to your report notification URL

  • When a downloadable report (for example, end-of-day settlement) has been generated.